2016: Making Practical Sense of the Australian Economy

July 20, 2016

Webster’s Dictionary defines economy as

“The state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money.”
What does that mean?

How do consumer confidence, growth rates, domestic politics, global growth, Brexit, China and the U.S. economies affect the Australian economy, your organisation and you personally?

Marty Allen, a comedian, once remarked “The study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy anything is last year”.

Understanding the economy and where it’s going is not that simple.

Dave de Garis, a Director and Senior Economist with the National Australia Bank, will be giving an overview of the Australian economy and making practical sense of how it is travelling and likely to perform.  Dave regularly speaks on the economy and markets home and abroad.  Dave writes for the National Australia Bank’s daily and weekly economics and market reports, and speaks with the media, often on a day to day basis speaking about the economy and financial markets.  You may have heard him on ABC Radio, seen him on Sky Business, ABC TV, ABC Lateline, ABC24, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, as well as with other TV, radio and the print media.

Don’t miss out on this webinar, join us on Thursday 18th of August at 1:00pm (AEST) to hear Dave de Garis talk on the state of the Australian economy.  We think this will be a very insightful webinar and who better provide an overview of the Australian Economy and answer your questions that someone of Dave’s experience.



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