La Trobe University


“When considering an upgrade to the online payment platform, La Trobe University chose UniLink due to their ability to demonstrate a clear understanding and a road map to support the current and future challenges that are faced by Higher Education sector.  La Trobe’s implementation of OneStopSecure in 2014 provided significant improvements and efficiencies to the payment processes, including the opportunity to eliminate manual payment processes, providing a secure and flexible online payment platform that caters well for international and domestic payments, simplifying and streamlining bank reconciliation processes, and progress towards PCI DSS compliance and the desired ‘cashless’ state.”

Michelle Marcantonio, Senior Manager, Projects and Systems
Finance and Resources Planning, La Trobe University


Deakin University


“Fantastic Company offering a tailored product that works for our business which is very diverse, and difficult to cater for, encompassing so many variables along with numerous compliance requirements.  The company employs fantastic staff who have extensive knowledge of not only their product, but also of our business, which assists us greatly.  As a result we have not had the need to re-deploy an extra systems person to manage the software program in house.  They also have developed partnerships with other vendors to be able to offer a much more streamlined and automated system, which is a huge benefit (eliminating human error in data entry by use of automation).  The support obtained by the team at UniLink is the best bar none.  It is a great product, as it is continually being enhanced and improved based on client needs.  The team at UniLink are fantastic and really listen and work closely with their clients to ensure their products capture the  requirements of their clients. The UniLink Team are a pleasure to work with, well done everyone and thank you for you exemplary support.”

Eliza Ryding, Acting Executive Director Financial Services, Deakin University

St Leonard’s College, VIC

St Leonard's College

“We have implemented OneStopSecure for payments of school fees and donations and are in the process of transferring College events. The UniLink team provided a customised platform for secure online payments and exceeded our expectations for project delivery. We now have a system that allows us to import OneStopSecure transactions to our finance database with no data entry.

UniLink have a customer focused and flexible approach that has resulted in a tailored solution to suit our specific requirements.”

Samantha Corrigan, Financial Controller St Leonard’s College


Xavier College

Xavier College

“We are thrilled to work with UniLink and NAB to provide parents with a safe and secure way to pay for their son’s school fees and associated costs online.  Whether they wish to pay by credit card or B-Pay, OneStopSecure provides them with an easy way to pay online.  We look forward to taking full advantage of the efficiencies which the solution will deliver to finance, in particularly reducing the amount of time spent reconciling payments.”

Richard Coker | Senior Accountant Xavier College

Anglican Church Grammar School


“With the integrated offering from the National Australia Bank and OneStopSecure, we have been able to provide parents with the online payment platform whilst delivering internal efficiency improvements in a secure environment.  Parents can pay their school fees and book events in a safe and secure way.  Having the flexibility of the uploads of payment transactions directly into our General Ledger system  and the ability for event organisers to check the bookings online have streamlined our receipting process, reduced time spent on reconciliation, simplify the event administration and improved customer service.”

Miranda Greenland, Manager Finance, Anglican Church Grammar School

University of Sydney


“The partnership with NAB and UniLink’s OneStopSecure System has grown over the past few years. It has immensely improved flexibility, transparency, data integrity, payment system and reconciliation whilst maintaining sound compliance on PCI-DSS. It has given the University access to high quality receipting information, enhanced reports on transactional payments and emerging products.”

Nilesh Chand, Order to Cash Manager, Financial Control and Treasury, University of Sydney

University of Southern Queensland


“Partnering with UniLink and NAB, our USQ Payment Gateway Project successfully delivered online payments for our residential colleges, bookshop, printery, trade debtors, events, conferences, donations and various online applications. Integrating with three of our subsidiary systems and with daily journal uploads into our General Ledger system and Bank Reconciliation, online payments have streamlined our receipting processes, reduced turn-around times and improved our customer service. The project team was very cohesive with a can-do attitude. The project was delivered on time and within budget.”

Sue Thomson, Director Financial, Operations, University of Southern Queensland

Curtin University


“UniLink’s OneStopSecure system partnered with the National Australia Bank has provided Curtin University with a flexible, transparent and easily understood payments receipting system that is reducing PCI-DSS compliance scope and transactional processing requirements across the organisation while positioning the organisation to take advantage of new products, technologies and data compliance regimes.”

Neil Shipley, Financial Services, Curtin University

Mary Ryan Booksellers


“Our shops do operate more efficiently as a result of using the BookNet system and the range of Thorpe-Bowker products. I would recommend BookNet and the Thorpe-Bowker products to any bookshop.”

Bill Concannon, CEO Mary Ryan’s

Collins Booksellers


“UniLink’s BookNet inventory management system has been the system of choice for Collins Booksellers’ for over 5 years.  BookNet helps our shops achieve increased operational efficiencies across their businesses. The comprehensive set of management reports within BookNet, allows stores to monitor their performance and assists with stock management analysis and decision making.  BookNet’s multi store functionality allows for centralised reporting and ordering, as well as stock transparency across the Collins store network.”

Daniel Jordon, CEO Collins Booksellers


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