2017 Federal Budget impact on Australian Schools

May 18, 2017

The Federal Government has released it’s budget which has significant impacts on Australian Schools.  Below is a high level overview of this impact:

  • The Federal Budget proposes $18.6 billion in funding to schools over the next 10 years.  The average increase in funding per student is 4%
  • Funding for schools will be calculated and distributed based on a need based funding model.  Schools will be funded for each student based on need not location
  • Over the 10 year plan the increases will be 94% for Government schools, 75% for independent schools and 53% for Catholic schools
  • Commonwealth capital grants for private schools will increase by 28% to an estimated $182.5 million per year in 2021
  • The government will give $125 million over five years to private school representative bodies in the states and territories tied to government reforms



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